A Beginner's Guide to Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is the most popular form of betting worldwide, including in South Africa. Still, this doesn't mean you should start placing wagers immediately. The in-depth guide to online sports betting we created for you will help you learn the basics and discover strategies and tips that will help you start wagering money on sports events without any hassles. It turns out that even punters without much experience can be successful with the proper guidance.

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In This Guide



Sports betting is an activity that has been practiced for many decades. Thanks to the Internet, sports betting has become a massive, multibillion-dollar industry, making many gamblers very rich. Of course, to achieve such results, you must understand how this activity works.

Today, sports betting is as popular as drinking beer in many countries. It is often a primary topic of conversation at social gatherings. This is something that many South Africans can confirm. If you enjoy watching sports, you should know enough to wager on them. Knowing the sport, teams, and players is a good foundation for becoming a good sports bettor. Of course, a few other factors contribute to success, which we will reveal in this comprehensive guide.

One of the most essential things that every prospective punter should remember is that sports betting has less to do with luck and more to do with knowledge. This is one of the things that makes betting different than many casino games, where the outcome is based on sheer luck. Sports betting is primarily about knowledge. Basically, the more you know, the luckier you'll get. It makes sense, right?

Many avid bettors can confirm this is an exciting, social, and satisfying activity. If you like gambling, there's a great chance that you will love betting. Indeed, wagering money on casino games can be fun, but the excitement of placing bets on athletes, teams, and, in some cases, animals takes the entertainment to another level.

As noted, the Internet has popularized this activity and brought it to almost every corner of our planet. You can bet on sports online using a good bookmaker. The best ones promise good odds and a wide variety of markets. On top of that, most bookies offer added value, special offers, promotional offers, and bonuses to make your deposit stretch further. However, it's worth noting that sports betting may not be legal in some countries, states, and regions. Therefore, checking the local laws and regulations before placing any bets is of utmost importance.

If you're new to online sports betting, you should know that there are resources available to help you through the process, teach you the basics, and answer your most frequently asked questions. Betting on sports can be a fun and potentially profitable pastime. Still, it's important to gamble responsibly and within your means. With knowledge and some luck, online sports betting can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for beginners and seasoned bettors alike. We advise following this guide because it covers the most important topics related to this subject.

Sports Events Betting

Sports betting events are a great way for sports fans and gamblers to combine their passions. Betting on these events can be an exciting and potentially profitable experience, adding to the thrill of watching your favourite sport or team play. Here are some of the biggest and most popular sports events people bet on:

NRL: The National Rugby League (NRL) is the top professional rugby league competition in Australia, featuring 16 teams from around the country.

AFL: The Australian Football League (AFL) is the top professional Australian rules football competition in Australia, featuring 18 teams from around the country.

Soccer: Soccer, also known as football, is the world's most popular sport and has a huge following globally. Major international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League and domestic leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A are popular events for sports betting.

NBA: The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the top professional basketball league in North America and features 30 teams from the United States and Canada.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion that features some of the world's best fighters competing in various weight classes.

Tennis: Tennis is a popular sport for betting, with significant events like the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open attracting huge numbers of fans and bettors.

Cricket: Cricket is a popular sport in many countries, particularly in the UK, Australia, and India. Major international events like the Cricket World Cup and the Ashes series are famous for sports betting.

Esports: Esports refers to competitive video gaming, which has become a massive industry in recent years. Popular games for esports betting include League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Politics: While not a sport, political events such as elections and referendums have become popular for sports betting in recent years, particularly in the UK and the US.

These are just some of the most popular sports betting events, but there are many others to choose from. When it comes to sports betting, you must select an event you know about to make informed bets and increase your chances of winning.

Sports Betting Odds

Understanding sports betting odds is crucial for anyone looking to place a bet on a sporting event. Odds determine the likelihood of a particular outcome occurring and the potential payout if that outcome does occur. Here's a breakdown of the types of sports betting odds and what they mean:

Decimal odds: Decimal odds are commonly used in Europe and Australia. They represent the amount you'll receive in return for every unit of currency you bet. For example, if the odds are 2.5, you'll receive $2.50 for every dollar you bet.

Fractional odds: Fractional odds are commonly used in the UK and Ireland. They represent the potential profit you'll receive in relation to your bet. For example, if the odds are 2/1, you'll receive two units of profit for every unit of currency you bet.

American odds: American odds are commonly used in the United States. They represent the amount you need to bet to win $100 on a negative line or the potential profit you'll receive for every $100 bet on a positive line. For example, if the odds are -150, you'll need to bet $150 to win $100, while if the odds are +150, you'll receive $150 for every $100 bet.

Regarding sports betting odds, it's important to remember that they're not an exact science. They're based on various factors, including team form, player injuries, and weather conditions. It's important to do your research and consider all the factors before placing a bet.

Mobile Sports Betting

Sports betting on mobile devices has become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more people choosing to place their bets on the go. With the rise of mobile technology, sports betting sites have developed mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites to make it easier than ever to bet from your phone or tablet.

One of the main advantages of sports betting on mobile devices is convenience. You can place bets from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can bet on live events as they happen, even if you're not near a computer.

Mobile sports betting apps also offer many of the same features as desktop sites, including live streaming, in-play betting, and access to a wide range of markets. Some apps even provide exclusive promotions and bonuses for mobile users.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when betting on mobile devices. The smaller screen size can make it harder to navigate and place bets. You may need to use different payment or authentication methods compared to desktop betting.

Popular Terms

It can be difficult for beginners to understand some of the terms and jargon commonly used in sports betting. Here is a list of the most common terms used in online sports betting, along with their meanings:

Wager: A bet placed on the outcome of a sporting event.

Odds: The likelihood of a particular sporting event outcome, as determined by a bookmaker.

Bookmaker: A person or organization that sets the odds and accepts wagers on sporting events.

Favorite: The team or player expected to win a sporting event.

Underdog: The team or player expected to lose a sporting event.

Point spread: A betting term that refers to the number of points by which a favorite must win or an underdog must lose for a bettor to win their wager.

Moneyline: A betting term that refers to the odds for a particular event, typically expressed as a ratio of the amount that can be won to the amount that must be wagered.

Over/under: A betting term that refers to the total number of points scored in a sporting event.

Parlay: A betting term that refers to a bet that combines two or more individual wagers.

Teaser: A type of parlay that allows a bettor to adjust the point spread or total in their favor, but at the cost of lower odds.


Intelligent betting is crucial for your success. Thanks to the tips in this guide, you can improve your success rate regardless of the sport you prefer to bet on. Now let's analyze these simple yet effective tips.

Getting Started

Honestly, this is not a complex activity, but you still need some help to get good results. With our simple step-by-step guide, you can start wagering money on sports like a pro:

1 Choose a reputable online sportsbook

Look for a trustworthy sportsbook with a proven record of fair play and timely payouts. Research their reputation and read our expert reviews to help you make an informed decision.

2 Create an account

Once you've chosen a sportsbook, create an account by filling out the registration form with your personal information.

3 Fund your account

Most online sportsbooks offer various deposit options, such as credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, or wire transfers. Choose a payment method that is convenient for you and fund your account.

4 Place your bets

Select the sport and game you want to bet on, choose the type of bet you want to make, and enter the amount you wish to wager. Make sure you understand the odds and the potential payout before placing your bet.

5 Withdraw your winnings

If your bet is a winner, you can withdraw your winnings using the same payment method you used to deposit funds. Follow the sportsbook's withdrawal procedures and enjoy your winnings!


If you're new to sports betting, you may feel overwhelmed by the unfamiliar terminology used in the industry. But fear not because we're here to help. Our comprehensive glossary section covers all the lingo you need to learn to make sense of sports betting jargon. So, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned bettor, our guide has got you covered.

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Sports Betting Types

To make successful sports bets, you must consider a few crucial factors, such as your chosen sport, the odds, and the type of bet that aligns with your budget. With so many different types of bets available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But don't despair because we're here to help you make sense of it all. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the most common types of sports bets and explain what they mean, so you can increase your chances of winning.

Parlay Bets

A bet on multiple outcomes, with all selections required to be correct for the bettor to win. The potential payout is higher, but so is the risk.

Flat Stakes

Here, we have a betting strategy where the punter places the same wager amount on each bet, regardless of the odds. It's a straightforward approach that minimizes risk.

Matched Betting

A betting method that involves placing bets on all possible outcomes to guarantee a profit regardless of the result. It requires careful calculation but can be a low-risk strategy.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting takes advantage of discrepancies in the odds offered by different bookmakers to guarantee a profit. It requires quick action and careful monitoring.

Spread Betting

A type of betting where the outcome is determined by the accuracy of the bettor's prediction of an event's result rather than simply choosing the winning side.


Sports betting is a type of gambling that involves placing a wager on the outcome of a sporting event. The result can lead to a profit based on bookmaker odds or a complete loss of the wager.

A bookmaker, also known as a bookie, sportsbook, or betting agency, is a business that offers a platform for customers to place bets on sporting events. They set the odds and provide a marketplace for customers to bet against each other.

A punter, bettor, or betting fan is a person who places a wager on a sporting event.

To "back" an outcome means placing a bet on a sports event's predicted result. This is typically done by choosing one of two teams to win.

A lay bet is when you bet against a particular outcome of a sports event. For instance, if you place a lay bet against Manchester United winning the Premier League, you win if any team except Manchester United wins but lose if Manchester United wins the title.

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