Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Enjoy gambling for the enjoyable pastime that it is but bear in mind our tips for playing it safe and preventing recreation becoming addiction.

Adopting the right attitude

It's crucial to adopt the right attitude towards gambling from the outset. Many people view gambling as a form of entertainment and any losses simply as the price paid for an enjoyable activity. Players who regard gambling as a tangible source of revenue, however, can get themselves them into trouble. This can lead to a cycle of chasing losses and a loss of control. Think of gambling as a recreational activity with a fee and you won't lose more than you can afford.

Think of the maths

And even if a player starts out with the right attitude, all this can change after a few big wins. The trick is to avoid becoming emotionally involved, always bear in mind the mathematical perspective of gambling as this will help you to keep a clear head.

Highs and lows

There are many things you can do to prevent yourself becoming a problem gambler as long as you spot the signs early. Feeling incredibly elated after a win and very low after a loss can be a sign that you are getting too involved in the game and need to take a step back.

Take a break

If you find yourself thinking about gambling all the time and find it difficult to stop, even to take a break, stay away from the casino for a while and try to occupy your mind with other things. Many online gambling establishments have self-exclusion features, which enable players to bar themselves from certain sites for a determined amount of time, or even indefinitely.

Dangerous times

If you feel like your life is a sea of nothingness when you're not gambling. If you have the sudden retaliation that you've been neglecting your family, work or studies on account of spending too much time in front of the computer, then it's probably time to seek some help.

Helpful bodies

There are many places you can go to seek help for problem gambling. The National Responsible Gambling Programmer is an organisation that specializes in treatment and counseling of problem gambling.

Keep your cool

The important thing to bear in mind is that anyone can develop a gambling addiction. Events can spiral to leave you behaving in a way that you never thought was possible. You have the power, however, to determine the role that gambling plays in your life. Keep your cool, get things in perspective and enjoy gambling for the harmless fun that it most often is.

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