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If an online casino serves players from South Africa, and serves them with a safe and reliable environment, it must be listed here. Of those online casinos, there are many differences that you should consider: the software, the games, the banking options, the bonuses.

Each online casino review provides this information on the various elements that will help you find the right one for you. A cutting edge casino with compatible mobile feature or a familiar name of a brand with years of experience - it's all here, all reviewed, and ready for you to choose.

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A service for customers on the internet that allows the customers to wager money on probability games is the online casino.

One of the first industries to be established on the web, the online gambling industry has grown at a stable rate as new technology have surfaced. Available today are hundreds of online casinos which are powered by an array of various software companies and are supported by many management groups.

Online casinos are mostly unregulated compared to most other online industries. It is an industry that functions on a purely capitalist approach of self-regulation that has grown from the affiliate-style form of advertising used to market various casinos. These measures only serve to guide casino players to sites with no fraudulent history and do not necessarily prevent stalling tactics or nonpayment being done by fraudulent casinos.

Legal Concerns

Online gambling suffers some restrictions from certain governments although generally speaking, it is not under a lot of regulation. Countries like the US and France are examples of such countries but of course are not alone in that regard. Even registering accounts are controlled by a lot of licensing laws and software providers if the players are from US and France. The topic of online gambling has long been a subject of discussion along with the multiple factors that are involved in it. These factors include but are not limited to the problem of gambling, civil values, and protectionism.

Technological Facts

Online casinos at first started using simple codes of HTML with JavaScript. With the development of more powerful computers, the quality of online casinos likewise has risen. The typical form came as a downloadable form of casino client that runs the games by using the computer’s resources. With the increase in mobile technology and Web-focused technology in recent times, it is HTML5 and Adobe Flash that is becoming the preferred platform for playing in online casinos.


What differentiates online casinos is the types and number of games that they have to offer. One of the most common games today is the online video slot and it is derived from the video slots found in land based casinos. These online video slot games can be mirror images of the games found in land based casinos too. There are other games available, and they include card games, roulette, fixed odd games, three-reel shots, dice games, and video poker.

Licenses to operate and create their collection of games are usually obtained by the casinos from third parties which provide the software. The most popular of these software providers are Playtech, Net Entertainment, Rival, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, and Cryptologic. The software providers differ in the percentage of the operation of the casino they have control over. A number of these companies just provide the games to the casinos but makes the casinos do its own back end processing while some give the casinos an entire set of products and are known as “turnkey” providers.

Modernization of Online Casinos

With the advances in Web Technology, the adaptability of the online casinos likewise followed suit. Now, the number of online casinos which focus only on a single group of players and using a single software platform are decreasing in number. It is the multi-gaming online casinos which allows players the most of single site entertainment that is becoming the trend thanks to the surge in growth of the instant play platforms. In addition to the online casinos that utilizes various software providers, a lot of the casinos also offers a variety of betting options like live gaming, financials, sports, and poker.

Mobile Casinos

The growth of Smartphone technology paved the way to the further development of on-the-go gambling. Since a significant number of online casinos already have the means to offer instant versions of the games that they offer, they also imported their most popular games to their mobile platform. Several of the very advanced online casinos have their very own mobile optimized page that allows players to enjoy their casinos games and claim unique bonuses on their Smartphones.


At least one form of jackpot structure will be present in a given online casino. Usually, the biggest jackpots are progressive in form and work the same as land-based jackpots wherein the casino starts it with an initial amount and then a part of each bet made by every player is added to the jackpot pool.

Jackpots like these can differ in form. Some jackpots are restricted to just one game much like Shopping Spree by Real Time Gaming or Mega Moolah by Microgaming. Sometimes though, a jackpot can be linked to a set of certain games that shares a joint theme like The Marvel Comics series by Playtech and Wonder Series of Net Entertainment. It is seldom that a progressive jackpot which includes the whole website shall apply to all games that it offers like the way it is at WMS’s Jackpot Party casino.


“Bonus culture” is how the current world of online casinos is being viewed nowadays since the casinos use bonuses to compete with each other. One of such bonuses and the post popular is the “welcome bonus” wherein a preset percentage is matched to the player’s initial deposit. Example, if the match bonus is 100%, then it means that if the player made an initial deposit of $50, then they would have a starting bankroll of $100.

A typical cause of dispute between the player and the casinos is the terms and conditions that are attached to these bonuses. There are wagering or playthrough requirements within these terms which would determine how much and on what specific games a player must place the deposit and bonus before she or he may withdraw. Some other terms include maximum withdrawal ceilings, time restrictions, and country limitations.

The typically most restricted bonuses are no deposit bonuses. They are particularly restricted more so if used as a welcome bonus. The casino will typically require a high level of regulation and verification to a no deposit bonus since these bonus funds are easily accessible to any person who opens an account. Usually, most casinos would place a significantly higher wagering requirement for the no deposit bonus compared to the match deposit bonus although exceptions do exist. The maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn from the bonus upon meeting the required playthrough is often to a very restricted 5x or 10x of the bonus value.

Terms and Conditions

A great number of players get into trouble because of not reading the terms and conditions of the casino before they engage in playing. This can be related to the fact that a lot of people do not really read the fine print of other online services. However, casinos and their affiliates still strongly encourage the action that the players should really take time to understand the rules of the casinos before playing. If a player filed a dispute and it’s obviously the result of not understanding the casino’s terms and conditions, then the dispute will be resolved in favor of the casino and not the player.

As of today, there is no overseeing body that stipulates what casinos cannot and can demand from the players. Because of this, one of the biggest issues in online gambling is its regulation as there is simply no restriction on what casinos may not or may add in their terms of service.


The affiliate programs are the basis of success of online casinos. Affiliate programs works by getting a commission from the casinos for sending traffic to their site and thus, the online casinos do not need to have their own advertising campaigns. Some online casinos pay the affiliates via the CPA model (cost per acquisition) while a vast majority use revenue sharing.

The success or failure of online casinos is largely influenced by the use of the affiliate marketing model. Although some affiliate marketing companies pick casinos based on probable profits, a vast majority digs up a casino’s history to determine if they are trustworthy before they advertise the casino or recommend it to players. It is also the affiliates who serve as primary mediators between the players and the casinos in case they might have an issue.

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