OTT Voucher

The OTT Voucher can be bought in person and then redeemed as cash online with gambling operators and other types of vendor.

OTT Voucher is an online payment method that can be used with gambling operators and a wide range of eCommerce retailors throughout South Africa. Acquiring an OTT Voucher can be done in person at more than 20,000 participating outlets in the country.

As an eVoucher, this payment method is one that depends on users visiting a participating seller of OTT Vouchers. Once at the seller, users can then provide physical cash as an exchange for acquiring the equivalent in digital currency that can be redeemed online at a later stage.

How it works

After visiting a site that accepts OTT Voucher, it will then be possible to make an online payment using the credit. In the case of a gambling site, the user can register for an account and then make their payment with the cashier.

Once with the cashier, the user needs to submit the voucher number, which is denoted by the long PIN number that is presented on the receipt they received when buying the OTT Voucher in person.

After the PIN has been submitted and accepted, the users will find that they now have the amount of credit promised by the OTT Voucher within their online gambling account. For clarification, OTT Voucher is accepted by an array of different eCommerce vendors in South Africa.

OTT Voucher Online Casinos

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