The Bingo Boom

Admin. - September 7, 2009

Online bingo rooms worldwide report swelling player numbers.

There are few games which can attest to such a considerable turnaround in popularity as online bingo.

This exciting online game has managed to draw in players, both young and old, in increasing numbers recently, and these are the reasons why:

• Bingo is at heart a simple game - people love it.
• Bingo has universal appeal.
• Bingo has a fantastic social component - it's where friends come to meet.
• Bingo offers generous bonuses.
• Bingo rooms run regular promotions.
• Bingo is moving with the times and folks love it.

Growth of player numbers
The United Kingdom is home to many of the world's bingo players. It is there that online bingo records most of its activity. Some 50-65% of all online players reside in the UK.

With millions of people - estimates put the figure at close to 60 million people - enjoying online bingo today, the sky is the limit.

Players are drawn to the ease of play with online bingo. It's the technical features, the interactive environment, the chat rooms and of course the fantastic prizes.

Land-based bingo rooms may be feeling the squeeze in recent times, but the popularity of online bingo is anything but stifled.

Players particularly enjoy dabbling with multiple cards and online tournaments.

If the UK market is anything to go by - and it is - then future forecasts in bingo room popularity are going to hit the stratosphere.

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