Roulette at Casino King

Admin. - October 27, 2011

The very best versions of the game.

Roulette is a game that has been around for a very long time and at Casino King they know just how players love to win big money playing it. They first played Roulette in France in 1796 and the name means “little wheel” in French. Since then there have been loads of new versions of the game made and at Casino King they have taken on board the whole history of the game to come up with only the very best versions of Roulette for their players.

It’s really simple to get in on the action at the Casino King and players everywhere are going wild for the amount of money that they can win playing this great game in all of its different versions. There are loads of different bets that can be made when playing Roulette. Professional players like to hedge their bets by betting some of their bankroll on the table numbers for the high risk, high payoff factor while at the same time covering themselves by placing larger bets on the better odds on the outside of the table.

One great system for Roulette is to place large amounts of money on the streets covering two thirds of the numbers on the table. With these numbers covered some chips are then placed on the individual numbers in the knowledge that the odds are that some money will be coming back to the player no matter what happens. In Roulette the best way to win money is to bet on more rather than less. The more of the board that is covered the more chances there are of the player hitting the number he craves. Play Roulette at Casino King and figure out the best strategy for you.

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