Baccarat - The Online Casino Version

Admin. - March 21, 2012

The real deal, on-line.

There's loads of cash to be won and fun to be had playing incredible games at Casino Las Vegas. One game that keeps getting plenty of attention from players is Baccarat.


This great game originally hails from Italy and the name comes from Baccara, the Italian word for zero. This is of course the losing hand in this great fun game. The history of Baccarat goes all of the way back to the 15th century when the game became really popular in the Italian countryside. Back then they didn’t use the 52 card deck that we know today but instead used tarot cards. The game grew and grew until it was played as far away as China.

Modern Baccarat

It was in the 1950s that the modern game of Baccarat really took shape and the brand new casinos of Las Vegas adopted it and made it the really high paying game that players love so much. There are 3 different versions of this great game that are now offered and players everywhere just love winning big with all three. The game is known for being really simple to play and for paying out absolutely huge amounts of money to the winners!

Online Baccarat

That is why the At the Casino Las Vegas has made sure to offer fantastic Baccarat tables to their players for both the high stakes that the game has historically been played at as well as low stakes so that anyone can get in on the action. Start playing this great 15th century game now to win the big bucks!



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