National Responsible Gambling Programme

National Responsible Gambling Programme

An internationally renowned organisation specialising the prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

The National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP) is a public/private sector initiative founded in 2000. The organisation specialises in the education, prevention, treatment and counseling of problem gambling.

The NRGP is the only organisation of its kind in Africa and is internationally regarded as one of the leading responsible gambling organisations in the world.

The NRGP website features a problem counseling helpline, research reports and statistics on problem gambling in South Africa. There is also a news section featuring headlines relating to responsible gambling and international industry trends and research.

The site also features a self-check quiz to help diagnose symptoms of problem gambling. In addition to information on the organisation's treatment methods, visitors can also learn about the NRGP's educational projects including their 'Edutainment' programme which targets adolescents and their 'Seniors Play Smart' programme which is aimed at the older South African population.

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