Ozow is an Electronic Funds Transfer provider that can be used across South Africa. It's quicker than traditional transfers, yet still safe and secure


South African residents can pay for goods and services, or move money around using the Ozow Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), provider. 

How Ozow Works

Online merchants, as well as online casinos, can make Ozow one of their accepted payment methods. Customers make payments via Ozow on their PC's or mobiles and the relevant fields will be filled in automatically, saving time and avoiding potential incorrect inputs. 

Banks send payment authorisation by SMS, in-App confirmation, Push message or USSD. As soon as Ozow has sent this information to the merchant, the payment is completed. There's no need for proof of payment and no waiting for funds to clear.

Why Use Ozow?

As well as speeding up transactions, customers don't need credit cards and there is no need to register to use Ozow. Once bank account details are entered into Ozow, users won't need to enter the details again as the information is already securely held.

There's no cost to the user and only a small transaction fee will be issued to the merchant on successful payment.

A Secure Way To Transfer Funds

A two-stage log in process, using a password and confirmation code, makes Ozow a secure payment solution. Thwate and SSL certification ensures that funds and personal details are always protected.

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More Information

Would you like to learn more? Visit the following link for more details and information: ozow.com.

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