Low Limit Baccarat

All the excitement of the ultimate high roller game but for as little as a few dollars a bet.

Low limit baccarat is in itself a funny notion being that the game of baccarat is synonymous with deep pocketed players.  For years, baccarat was only a game for the 'James Bonds' in the world, societies so called elite and could not be found for low limits.  Casinos of all kinds both on land an online have realized that the game is loved by many players without the incredible bankrolls of the usual players and have created low limit baccarat games.

Low limit baccarat is just the same as the regular game and players still have the excitement of betting on the banker, the player or for a tie.  The house has the edge on player bets at 1.24% while it is only 1.06% for banker bets and it goes up to 14% for the tie.  No matter what, each time you make a bet, regardless if you're playing low limit or high limit baccarat that the house collects a 5% commission called the Vigorish, paid on all winning payouts. 

The game can be found quite easily at online casinos but is a bit harder to find at land based casinos without a lot of space.  This is because that space costs a lot of money and casino managers would rather see games like roulette, craps and even slots to fill those available spots on the casino floor.  

This game is perfect for players looking for an excellent time at the baccarat table without breaking the bank.  It's the same game and the same thrill as the regular, or even the high limit version and can be found at large brick and mortar, and most online casinos too.

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