High Limit Video Poker

It’s never been easier to find a high limit video poker game.

Since the beginnings of the online gambling industry, video poker has remained one of the most popular skill based games.  Now considered a sport by many, video poker combines skill, strategy and even player personality to ultimately form the best 5 card hand at the table.  Due to the games popularity, low limit video poker games are in abundance at online casinos too. 

Players that have seen success playing high limit poker enjoy it even more because of all the perks they receive.  They are treated as VIP’s, given exclusive rewards, bigger pay outs and are even paid to play in land-based events.  To have success with any video poker variation, players must take into consideration the natural ups and downs the game harbours.  Bankroll management is of the utmost importance to be successful.  The rewards are much larger and the potential payday is far greater when playing high limit video poker games.

Players will need to employ various strategies when playing high limit video poker and a good one to remember is your hourly win/loss ratio.  There is a very simple calculation that can be implemented that can tell almost precisely what your bankroll should be.  If you take your average bet size and multiply it by the number of hands per hour, and multiply that by the house edge; the number you get is your loss expectation per 1 hour of play. 

In practice, if you were to play Jacks or Better in which the house edge is usually 0.5% and you played 100 hands in one hour and each wager is $100: 100 x $100 x 0.5% = $50.  Understanding and implementing smart bankroll management is crucial to a successful high stakes video poker campaign.

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