High Limit Craps

As thrilling as it gets, shooting high limit craps.

It’s safe to say that high limit craps is one of the most popular games at brick and mortar and online casinos everywhere.  There is a long line of betting options so players that enjoy making wagers will be delighted with the game.  Craps is also loved by because some of the betting lines favour the player.  To help improve one’s skill and consistency there are strategies that can be employed.   

The maximum wagers that can be placed on each roll of the dice is significantly increased and even eliminated in many high limit craps games.  The potential for higher payouts makes high limit craps appealing to players with bigger bankrolls.  At land-based casinos, the high limit craps tables are typically off limits to those that cannot afford the minimum bets.

Craps is an easy game to play but it is loaded with betting options.  The player shooting the dice (the shooter) sets the stage for each round and other players making the bets can bet either with the shooter or against him/her.  Bets are made on either ranges of numbers or individual ones and the second bets are placed the dice are rolled down the green felt.

In land-based craps the dice must bounce off the wall of the opposite end of the table but in the online versions the software takes care of that.  “Don’t pass” and “pass” bets are the most common bets in the game of craps and they are related to the outcome of the roll. When a new player begins a roll, their first throw is regarded as the “come out” roll.  The outcome of the first roll mustn’t be 2, 3 or 12 or the shooter will be replaced.   

At the online versions of high limit craps games there are many advantages.  The most common reason for the popularity of the game is the low house edge therein.  There are numerous variations and versions of online high limit craps and the game can be enjoyed on one’s own or in a virtual crowd environment created by the state of the art software.  


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