High Limit Blackjack

High Limit blackjack action for player’s looking for an action-packed experience.

As its name states, High limit blackjack games are for player’s looking for a way to bet more money than what is offered at traditional blackjack tables. One of the main attractions at these tables is the opportunity for far bigger paydays.  At brick and mortar casinos, the high limit blackjack tables are main attractions and can be located easily.  Standing behind velvet ropes, these tables are usually packed with seasoned players playing for incredible jackpots.  The bet size is what separates this style of blackjack from the traditional game and you won’t usually find casual or beginner players with money on the table.  Due to the high rewards it’s easy to understand why VIP and high stakes players regularly play this popular game.  

Ones perception of High limit blackjack depends on their bank account size.  For players harbouring millions of dollars in the bank $1,000 per hand may seem like an affordable hand, while players with small bank accounts find that even $1 or $5 bets are expensive; it’s all relative.  Luckily there are blackjack games to suit everyone‘s budget. One easy to remember saying is: you can play at the table you wish so long as you can afford to lose the minimum bet. 

Since there is a lot of variance throughout a game of blackjack, it is an issue that must be understood when thinking about the minimum betting stake.  As the cards are dealt there will be the obvious winning and losing hands and your bankroll should be able to deal with it easily.  Playing high limit blackjack encompasses the benefit of winning big, and it’s good to know the game pays out 3 to 2.  If you were to place a $1,000 bet you’d win $1,500.

When playing high limit blackjack, one of the disadvantages is that the casinos “eye in the sky” will be paying more attention to you.  There is a lot more money up for grabs with this intense game and casinos need to be aware of card-counters.  There is a calculation that comes into play regarding good fortune and misfortune for all casino games which teaches: If you are able to lose between 20 and 30 hands at a high limit game then you can play.  If that is too expensive than hit the low limit tables.

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