High Limit Baccarat

High limit Baccarat is the ultimate thrill.

High limit baccarat is the domain of the ultra-rich, the “whales”, even royalty, and has been depicted in Hollywood movies like ‘Casino Royale’.  On paper, this game is the dream of high rollers. At land-based casinos, high limit baccarat can be found exclusively behind velvet ropes at prime locations on the casino floor and more often than not, there are ridiculous amounts of money on the table each and every hand.  Bets can be made on the player, the banker or for a tie and the action is second to none.  Naturally, the game attracts crowds of cheering people as this game gets insanely exciting.     

The game is a first choice for high rollers at both brick and mortar and online casinos as high limit baccarat can encompass massive paydays.  Some variations of the game are by invite only and due to the big bankroll needed to play high limit baccarat, the game is shredded in exclusivity.  People that play high limit baccarat are those that tend to live on the edge.  It’s not a game for players of any particular skill set other than being able to part with big sums of money and not bat an eye.  The only way to win this game is to have lady luck on your side as she alone determines the outcomes.

As stated, bets are made on either the banker or the player and the winning hand will be whichever one is closest to the number 9.  Of all the casino games, high limit baccarat offers players the lowest house edge.  It’s not uncommon for a land-based casino to reserve seats for exclusively for players that will be wagering outrageous amounts of money but in order to make the game more accessible, high limit baccarat can be enjoyed from minimum wagers of $100. The only thing that separates high limit baccarat and regular baccarat are the wagering limits so if the lesser is not affordable, there is the same thrilling game available for small stakes.


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