Tips for Playing Roulette

Published January 27, 2012

Tips for Playing Roulette

Set your bankroll, but that's not all!

Playing Roulette at the Casino Las Vegas is great fun but there is definitely a skill towards making money at the Roulette tables. Here are some tips that are worth thinking about when taking the plunge at your favourite game.

Tip #1

The first thing is to make sure that you don’t take your whole bankroll to the table at once. You don’t want to lose everything on one spin of the famous Roulette wheel. Pro players usually take about 10% of their bankroll with them, some take more and others take less but the rule of thumb amount is 10%.

Tip #2

Once you are at the table keep a careful eye on the flow of the table, for example if a red number has come up three times in a row it might be a good idea to start betting on black. Some players have systems where they will wait for a colour to come up four or even five times in a row before betting on the opposite one. This system works in exactly the same way for all of the 2-1 bets on the table.

Tip #3

When it comes to playing the numbers the key is simply to know exactly how much you are putting down on the tables. Too many players make the mistake of throwing loads of money down and then being ecstatic when one of the numbers hits and they get back less than they put down in the first place. Keep a careful eye on exactly what it is you are betting on and know how much you have in your bankroll at any one time. Follow these pieces of advice and you will see your bankroll get bigger and bigger.

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